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Cuisine: Ice cream parlour

Allergy policy

This restaurant hasn’t provided their allergy policy to us yet, and we can't find any specific allergy advice on their website. Check the reviews on this page to see if other people with allergies have eaten here, and what they say. Please make sure you phone ahead to the restaurant and tell them about your allergies when making a booking. Remember to tell your server about your food allergies when you order your food. And remember to check for cross contamination issues, like what else is cooked in the fryer, and separate chopping boards and knives. If you have a severe allergy, you might want to tell your server that you are carrying medication and what to do in case of a reaction. And finally, if you do eat here, please leave a review on this page afterwards, to help other people decide Can I Eat There?

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Restaurant description

The Ice Cream Farm is a family friendly tourist attraction bursting with all of the fun you need for a great day out in Cheshire. We have been mixing up a whole new flavour of activity to ensure that whatever the weather, you can call in for a quick play and a scoop of your favourite Cheshire Farm ice cream, or a whole day of Ice Cream Farm fun.

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Offers a selection of dishes for people who can't eat:

  • 52Crustaceans
  • 52Molluscs
  • 52Sesame
  • 30Soya
  • 52Celery
  • 52Mustard
  • 52Lupin
  • 52Sulphites
  • 37Gluten
  • 50Peanuts
  • 50Tree nuts
  • 4Milk
  • 48Eggs
  • 52Fish